the fleet: 1995 Jaguar XJ6 3.2

Jaguar X300 DFive years ago, I sold my beautiful 24,000 mile Jade Green XJ6. Its superlative condition meant that I got a good price, but it was still a bittersweet moment; this really was a special car and I couldn’t stop thinking that I had done the wrong thing. Even years later, I was still having dreams about it! But just before the new owner ā€“ a foreign diplomat posted to the UK ā€“ drove it away from me, I bleated out that he had to sell it back to me when his posting finished and he left the UK. And now he has!

I agreed a price without actually seeing the car, but did get a good description over the phone. The gent in question duly delivered the car to me, complete with its embassy diplomatic plates. To my amazement, despite spending the last five years in central London, it was virtually undented ā€“ even those fancy Yank-spec chrome Turbine wheels remained unmarked and unrusted. It is obviously a little less fresh to drive than before, being slightly softer and less precise. The auto transmission fluid is going brown, so a full flush is required, but as yet there are no issues with the shift quality. The worst bits are the foam radiator mounts, which have mysteriously disintegrated; this is absolutely bizarre as I have had many X300s of far higher mileages where there is no sign of this whatsoever!

Now I’m waiting for April. As soon as it has been reregistered on its original Norfolk plates, I ahall get it serviced and taxed, sort the radiator mounts and drive it through the summer, enjoying its slightly odd but characterful Sage Green leather interior and wonderfully preserved wood. In the meantime, I praise the wonder of life every day. Hello friend, welcome home.


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